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We Provide Venous Vascular Ultrasounds to Our Patients

We’re committed to offering our patients non-invasive treatment options to a variety of medical conditions. That includes patients suffering from disorders relating to the blood vessels in their body. Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley provides Venous Vascular Ultrasounds to our patients. We use this procedure to study how well the blood vessels circulate throughout your body. We can use it to evaluate the arteries in nearly any part of your body, including the all-important blood vessels found in your neck, abdomen, arms, and legs. Because the procedure is non-invasive, it requires zero anesthesia, needles, radiation, or contrast dye. In addition to providing enhanced comfort to our valued patients, this helps control their costs.

cardiologist and patient looking at ultrasound

Everything You Need to Know About Venous Vascular Ultrasounds

So how does a Venous Vascular Ultrasound work? During this procedure, one of our medical professionals uses sound waves. The waves bounce off the blood cells that move through each blood vessel. The waves then communicate with our ultrasound machine and are displayed on our computer screen. We use that image to diagnose any reflux problems you might be having. Ultrasounds are immensely useful to our cardiologist, as they help us make further recommendations to our patients without subjecting them to invasive procedures.

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