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Our Team at CVMA Performs Pacemaker Interrogation

We have a programing devices programmer in our office that can communicate – through your skin – with the pacemaker underneath. Pacemaker interrogation is painless to our patients, but an absolutely critical step in ensuring the device does its job. So how does it work? We use a “wand” that is linked to a central computer that acts as the programmer. We put the wand over where the pacemaker is located – usually in your chest or abdomen – for ten to 15 minutes. The wand pulls information from the pacemaker, which is then transmitted to the programmer. From there, Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley cardiac specialist can interpret the data they see to alter the programmed settings – if we need to. Even if the interrogation process doesn’t result in changes, it is an important step to take, as all data is stored in your pacemaker for later use.

Lady Patient talking happily to a doctor

Pacemaker interrogation is Critical to Your Heart’s Health

One of the most significant benefits of performing this procedure at Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley is its ability to give you a general idea of your pacemaker’s battery life and other important matters. Additionally, we can test how well the leads are functioning and ensure they are conducting electricity to and from your heart. And because we understand no two patients are the same, we can modify the programmed settings to accommodate your specific needs.

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