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Client Reviews

This Cardiologist is one of the best physicians I have ever been to. Having just moved to the Hudson Valley from New York City, it is hard to find world-class medical care in specialty areas. This is one of those offices which offers that type of care from the moment you walk in.

Each staff member is educated, bright and knowledgeable and Dr. Totennelly is not only incredibly informed in his own board-certified field of medicine; but in others also. This knowledge allows him to treat the patient as a whole human being. If going to the doctor can be a pleasure, this office experience was just that.

Stephen Kahn

Wow!!! This guy really knows his stuff. It was a pleasure to finally locate a local Cardiologist who is on top of his game. The staff was efficient and friendly and very professional. The moment you entered the office you knew that you were a real person and not just a number. Marie the office manager went way out of her way to straighten out an insurance issue I have had for the past year. These are fantastic people.

Maise Labort

I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Totonelly. Not only did he spend the time to talk with me assuring me I was in safe hands, everyone in the office truly had my best interest in mind.

Donna Conklin

Dr. Philip Totonelly is a phenomenal cardiologist. If you’re tired of the big mega groups and want individualized attention and the highest caliber of cardiac care he is the doctor for you. He is truly a gifted physician. In today's healthcare environment I feel that I am extremely lucky to have Dr. Totonelly as my physician.

Marie Joan

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