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EKG Tests Uncover a Host of Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley uses electrocardiograms (EKGs or ECGs) to help diagnose and treat cardiac rhythms and other issues. EKGs are immensely useful pieces of medical technology, as they are a pain-free and non-invasive method of gaining a clearer picture of how your heart is functioning. EKGs measure a wide variety of things, including your heart rate, the heart’s orientation in the chest cavity, any evidence of hypertrophy – or increased heart thickness – damages to the heart muscle, lack of blood flow to the heart, or any abnormal activity. For that reason, we usually recommend an EKG any time we suspect something might be amiss.

stethoscope and EKG scan

Tips for a Successful EKG

During an electrocardiogram (EKG) one of Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley’s cardiac specialist will place electrodes with adhesive pads to your chest, arms, and legs. We’ll usually get baseline readings. Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley suggests that you:

  • Avoid oily or greasy lotions, as they can make adhering the sensors difficult.

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