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Ultrasound Screenings at CVMA

Sometimes traditional methods of cardiovascular detection aren’t sufficient to provide our patients with an accurate diagnosis. In those cases, we use advanced technology to gain a better picture of your cardiovascular system’s overall health. Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley uses ultrasound screenings to diagnose our patients with a variety of heart diseases. In many cases, ultrasound diagnostic screening provides valuable information that allows our cardiac specialist to diagnose potential risk factors in time for lifestyle changes to be effective.  Our ultrasound technicians, laboratory equipment and ultrasound laboratories are certified.

man receiving ultrasound on his heart

We Use a Variety of Ultrasound Technologies

Diagnostic ultrasounds are imaging techniques that use high-frequency sound waves to give our cardiac specialist an image of the structures inside your body. We use several kinds. Depending on your condition or risk factors, we might use:

Lower Extremity Arterial Ultrasound

Also called a Doppler ultrasound, this procedure helps detect cardiovascular issues in the lower extremity arteries, making it an invaluable resource in the detection of cardiac disease.

AAA Ultrasound

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a severe condition that occurs when the abdominal aortas are weakened and expand beyond three centimeters in diameter. If the aneurysm continues to grow, the risk of rupture does as well. A AAA ultrasound helps to catch this condition before it endangers your health.

Renal Artery Ultrasound

This service enables our specialist to devise effective treatment.  Renal Artery Stenosis is a common curable form of hypertension. Testing is done before medication is ordered by physician.

Carotid Ultrasound

This ultrasound uses sound waves to give our cardiac specialist a clear picture of the carotid arteries. These arteries carry blood straight from the heart to the brain, so blockages and narrowing can lead to a variety of conditions, including stenosis and strokes.

Venous Vascular Ultrasound

Venous Vascular Ultrasounds are perfect for diagnosing diseases and conditions in the veins, particularly blood clots. It uses sound waves to produce images of the veins throughout your body. Our cardiologist then uses those images to devise a treatment plan for you.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Cardiovascular Specialist

Cardiovascular and Medical Associates of the Hudson Valley is proud to offer a personalized, patient-focused approach to cardiovascular care. Through the use of ultrasound technology, we’re able to give patients a clearer picture of their health, and from there, better advice on how to avoid a litany of cardiovascular diseases. To learn more about our ultrasound diagnostics, schedule an appointment today.

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